• Always arrive early to fill out any required paperwork and to warm up.
  • Dress comfortably and make sure your hair is off your face.
  • Be prepared! Perform a piece that you know well and are confident with.
  • Consider wearing a costume and or bringing props to enhance your performance.
  • Enter the audition space with confidence, introduce yourself to the audition panel and present your resume and picture at that time.
  • Once you are instructed to begin your performance take a minute to breath and focus yourself.
  • If for whatever reason you make a mistake, do not apologize. Simply request to begin again (most directors are understanding and want to see you succeed!).
  • Make sure you have a clear ending to your audition. Hold the final moment, bow your head or turn your back to let the character go.
  • Answer any questions the audition panel might have with brief answers. Do not chit-chat as they have many actors to see after you.
  • If you are performing an excerpt from a play make sure you have read the play!
  • Be sure to know who your are, where you are and who you are talking to!
  • Do not ask for feedback. If it is freely offered from the audition panel then please take it all in with grace and kindness.
  • Thank the audition panel for their time and exit the space quickly. Do not ask when you will be contacted.